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BTI Hydraulic Breakers

The BTI hydraulic breaker design incorporates only two internal moving parts, offering reliability and long life. Designed to tackle construction, demolition, recycling, mining and quarrying, the models range from 350 to 13,500 ft. lbs. classes. You can be assured of finding just the right capabilities. Call us today and you will be in high production breaking tomorrow.

New technology simplifies construction of BTI Breakers, increasing efficiency and minimizing maintenance requirements on the most demanding jobs, including skid steer, rubber tire backhoe, and excavator applications.The design incorporates only two internal moving parts and fewer total parts than most other breakers. And fewer parts mean fewer problems. More reliability. But that’s just the beginning of the BTI Breaker story. New throttle orificing provides hydraulic cushioning, protecting the breaker and operating equipment hydraulic systems from pressure pulsations. An increased oil flow working range allows you to mount the same breakers to a wide range of equipment, suiting a wide variety of applications.The nitrogen cushion chamber absorbs piston recoil and uses the energy to increase output on the next blow. The control valve is easily accessible. The short tie rods yield longer life and high reliability. Dual retainer pins ensure positive tool alignment and easy tool replacement.The long piston design provides positive alignment to the tool, transmitting maximum energy on every blow with minimum recoil. A deep-sectioned front head combines with machined, reinforced mounting plates to withstand side loading and reduce tie rod problems.

BX Series

  • Breaker mounted manual high/low stroke selector (BX8-BX40); improves production capability
  • Long stroke piston design; provides high levels of constant blow energy
  • Pressure balanced piston; optimizes bpm’s and blow energy
  • Anti-blank fire on/off selector (BX8-BX40); alternate modes when operating in varying rock conditions
  • Optimal sound dampening (BX6-BX40); further lowers noise levels, pertinent in high density population areas

BX Series Hydraulic Breaker Charts

BX Hydraulic Breaker Sizing ChartBX Specifications

BXR Series

  • Two speed hydraulic pilot power control; controls blow energy in varying material conditions
  • Oil regeneration system; increases bpm’s without decreasing energy in harder material applications
  • High volume nitrogen charged accumulator; provides constant blow energy and recoil absorption
  • Extra-long stroke pressure balanced piston in conjunction with oil regeneration system; optimizes impact
    energy and bpm’s
  • Button nose piston design; maximizes energy transfer to the tool
  • Anti-blank fire interlock; protects front head and retainer pins

BXR Series Hydraulic Breaker Charts

BTI BXR Hydraulic Breaker Sizing ChartBTI BXR Specifications

 BTI Breakers