DTH/ITH Drilling Tools

Creighton Rock Drill carries a wide range of tools from Atlas Copco/Secoroc for all Down the Hole Drilling applications. This line of Down the Hole drilling equipment offers exceptional value for your money.

DTH Hammers – COP 34/44/54/64/84

The unbeatable productivity of Secoroc COP DTH hammers is all down to innovation. Several ingenious design features, such as our patented air cushion, combine to utilize the air for superior penetration and low air/fuel consumption.


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DTH Bits

The bit is the tool cutting the rock, and no hammer or rig drilling is better than the bit it uses. The down-the-hole bit is subject to severe stress from the striking piston as well as from the abrasive cuttings passing the bit at high velocity. When selecting the right bit for optimum performance you have to balance penetration against bit life. On occasion you can successfully sacrifice bit life for penetration. In such cases remember the rule of thumb that states that a 10% increase in penetration covers at least a 20% loss in bit life.
Secoroc manufactures their tungsten carbide buttons in-house, right from milling the raw tungsten carbide powder and cobalt, to pressing, sintering and grinding the buttons to a finish. In-house manufacture gives them full control of the production, quality and composition of our bits. With today’s development in rock drilling, where penetration has priority, the ballistic bit design is popular. Nowadays ever harder formations are drilled with ballistic bits.



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Foot Valves

Jelka Seals Limited (JSL) designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance Foot Valves for use in all down hole drill bits. These injection molded Foot Valves have a quality finish and durability that tower above the rest.

We keep a variety of types in stock to meet urgent delivery requirements. Our Foot Valves are designed for water well, quarry, construction and raise boring applications. To place an order for your application, we can accommodate your request by part number or manufacturer drill bit brand.

  • Extremely durable
  • Quality engineered from acetal material

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DTH Tubes

Tubes play a significant role in all DTH drilling, regardless of application, rock type, hole depth or drill rig. The key features of a high quality DTH tube are durability, accuracy and manageability. These are also the features you’ll find in any Secoroc tube.


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Rock drilling can be a demanding business, particularly if the rock is unyielding. One mistake and you’re stuck in the hole, looking grimly at serious downtime. Then it’s too late to wish you had a COP Backhammer. And to think, the cost of one is just a fraction of the cost being without! COP Backhammers can be fitted in a suitable tube joint between the drill support and the rotation head. It provides an effective combination of backward hammering and vibrations.

NOTE! The COP Backhammer comes in 3 1/2′ API Reg threads in both ends.


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Crossover subs

We also offer a wide range of subs and crossover subs to meet an array of demands. Our subs are made of the same high quality steel and heat-treated in the same way as our tube end pieces.


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Rotation Units for DTH Drilling

Power revival

You get more than just a newly made rotation unit to replace your old, tired one. You also get Atlas Copco’s latest, and by far best, design – with longer life and superior wear resistance. And perhaps best of all: DHR gives you the chance to revive those sleeping power reserves that your old rotation motor could not utilize.

The new DHR series includes a total of 18 complete standard versions, equipped with both fixed and moving adapters for all common types and dimensions of threads. There are eight air-powered and ten hydraulically powered motors to choose from. If your drill rig doesn’t yet have the ideal rotation unit, this is your chance!

Stronger and more reliable air motors

All air-powered versions in the DHR series have powerful vane motors. This ensures top-quality operating reliability and wear resistance. The vane design also means much lower maintenance costs.

A hydraulic motor for high-speed, uniform torque. The hydraulically operated DHR versions are all equipped with hydraulic motors which are recognized for their reliability and long life. They are all of a type which makes a planetary gear unnecessary. The series consists of IO standard versions, taking hammers from 3″-8″.



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Symmetrix Overburden Casing System

Symmetrix is a patented system comprised of an ingeniously simple concentric method of drilling through overburden with casing. Symmetrix can drill straight holes at any angle (including horizontal) and to depths beyond 100 meters.

Working together as one efficient drill bit, the components are made up of:

  • A pilot bit with large internal flushing holes and external flushing grooves
  • Symmetrical ring bit (reamer) with internal bayonet coupling
  • Casing shoe for driving of casingThe pilot bit is attached to any common DTH hammer shank or top hammer rod thread.

Working principle

The casing shoe is welded to the casing. The pilot bit and ring bit are locked together by the bayonet coupling.Together they drill a hole large enough to allow the casing to be pulled into the hole. The pilot bit and ring bit rotate with the drill string while the casing shoe and casing do not rotate. After completing the hole, the pilot bit is unlocked by a slight reverse rotation of the drill string. The drill string and pilot bit are then retrieved through the casing.

System Advantages:

  • Straight holes always without deviation due to changing ground formations
  • Less torque required
  • Simple fool proof design
  • Easy unlock – Easy relock
  • Drilling at any angle
  • Effective internal flushing
  • Safe
  • Economical

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