Olofsfors Bruxite Serrated and Flat Blades

Olofsfors Bruxite lives and dies for maximum wear time and optimal protection. Run it hard ‘n’ tough and get the job done.


Bruxite Plow Blades are manufactured from
high-strength through-hardened special alloy steel,
that maximizes wear life. When it comes to wear,
hardness is everything, and the Bruxite Plow Blades
are really hard, through and through, from edge
to edge. The Olofsfors special alloy steel and heat
treatment technology are what make these blades so
tough and gives them their extreme hardness all the
way through.
The edges are fully machined and shaped prior to
the hardening process, which is crucial to the performance
of hardened steel products. This production
method results in blades with excellent performance,
superior to that of wear parts cut from pre-hardened
steel plate.

Olofsfors wear-resistant steel
– optimum protection at the edges
where wear is heaviest.

  • + Hard and tough from edge to edge
    – maximum wear life
    + High precision in all dimensions
    – meets tough tolerance requirements
    + Systematic quality control
 Bruxite Serrated Flat blades